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Motion Classes in Kota are renowned educational institutes that specialize in providing high-quality coaching for competitive exams, primarily focusing on engineering and medical entrance exams. These classes have gained significant popularity due to their exceptional track record of producing successful candidates who excel in prestigious exams like JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).

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Features of Cengage Maths JEE PDF

  • Modules that follows the most recent approved syllabus
  • Theory in depth for thorough understanding of the idea
  • Questions are rated for difficulty, which improves problem-solving abilities for more harder tasks.
  • Includes workouts with a good number of the right kind of questions.
  • Type of Single Correct Answer
  • Type of Numerical Value
  • Type: Multiple Correct Answers
  • Matching Column Type Linked Comprehension Type
  • Contains questions from prior years that have been revised to reflect the most recent JEE Advanced 2022 test to assist students understand the trend(s) behind JEE Advanced
  • Detailed answers are provided at the book’s end.

Topics Covered in these modules.

  1. Kinematics: This module covers the basic concepts of motion, including displacement, velocity, acceleration, and equations of motion. It may also delve into topics like relative motion and graphical representations of motion.
  2. Newton’s Laws of Motion: This section deals with the three laws of motion formulated by Isaac Newton. It includes discussions on force, mass, acceleration, and their relationships. The module might also cover friction, circular motion, and applications of Newton’s laws.
  3. Work, Energy, and Power: This module explores concepts related to work done, energy, and power. Topics like conservative and non-conservative forces, potential and kinetic energy, and the work-energy theorem are generally covered.
  4. Gravitation: The module on gravitation typically includes the universal law of gravitation, gravitational potential energy, escape velocity, and satellite motion.
  5. Oscillations and Waves: This module covers simple harmonic motion, oscillations, and wave phenomena. Topics may include properties of waves, wave equations, and superposition of waves.
  6. Thermodynamics: The thermodynamics module focuses on concepts like heat, temperature, laws of thermodynamics, heat engines, and entropy.
  7. Electrostatics: This section deals with electric charges, Coulomb’s law, electric fields, Gauss’s law, and electric potential.
  8. Current Electricity: Topics in this module include electric current, Ohm’s law, electrical circuits, and various circuit elements like resistors, capacitors, and inductors.
  9. Magnetism: The magnetism module covers magnetic fields, magnetic forces, magnetic induction, and electromagnetic induction.
  10. Optics: This section includes the study of reflection, refraction, lenses, mirrors, optical instruments, and wave optics.
  11. Modern Physics: This module introduces students to modern physics concepts such as quantum mechanics, atomic and nuclear physics, particle physics, and special theory of relativity.

Motion Physics Modules PDF Free Download

Motion Physics ModulesDownload


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