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Coorg is a chapter in “Coorgi” that focuses on the distinctive history of the region between Mysore and the seaside port of Mangalore. The Coorg people are a fiercely independent group of proud, martial men and stunning women. Either the Greeks or the Arabs are the source of their ancestry and courage.

Coorg Class 10 Summary

The Heaven like Beauty of Coorg

The smallest district in Karnataka is Coorg or Kodagu. It is located halfway between the coastal city of Mangalore and Mysore. It is a lovely land surrounded by undulating hills. A noble race of powerful men, gorgeous women, and wild animals live there. Evergreen woods encompass 30% of its land, and it is well known for its coffee and spices.

Here, the monsoon provides a lot of rain. The greatest time to visit Coorg is from September to March since the temperature is ideal and there is a wonderful aroma of coffee in the air. The ideal locations are dotted with numerous coffee estates and colonial houses.

Coorgi’s Origin

Coorg inhabitants are very independent. It is thought that they could be either Greek or Arab ancestors. based on one report. Alexander’s army choose to travel to Coorg rather than return. They settled there after getting married to local women. Their religious practises, marriage customs, and martial traditions all reflect their Greek heritage. Coorgis, on the other hand, wore a long, black coat that was tied at the waist with an embroidered belt. This outfit, which goes by the name of kuppia, is comparable to the Kuffia worn by Arabs.

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The Coorgis’ Hospitality and Bravery

The people of Coorg are brave and hospitable. The Indian Army’s Coorg Regiment has the most decoration. The first commander of the Indian Army, General Cariappa, was a Coorg native. In reality, Coorgis are the only ethnic group in India that is permitted to carry a gun without a permit.

Exploring Coorg

Due to the District’s diversity of flora and animals, Coorg provides a wide range of activities. Coorg is traversed by the River Kaveri. Numerous sports, such as river rafting, canoeing, and rappelling, are available. It is also well known for its mountain hiking and rock climbing. Everyone is drawn to the birds, bees, macaques, Malabar squirrels, etc. From the Brahmagiri hills summit, one can see for miles. It’s also fascinating to tour Nisargadhama and Bylakuppe’s largest Buddhist Tibetan settlement. Both train and roads lead to Coorg. Bangalore and Mangalore have the closest airports for travellers by air.

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