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Class 10 English Madam Rides the Bus


The protagonist of the tale “Madam Rides the Bus” is an eight-year-old girl named Valli. She is eager to take her first bus trip by herself to the closest town. She sets aside funds for the same. One afternoon, her mother leaves the house to take a bus ride while she naps. She passes lovely scenery and goods in town shops as she travels. She learns more about life’s harsh realities as she makes her way back.

Characters Sketch


A village girl named Valliammai or Valli was eight years old. She wished to travel alone by bus to the closest town. She was a self-assured young woman who carefully planned her journey. She began by resisting all of the temptations around her in order to save money for her bus fare. She was a Smart Girl Who Could Take Care of Herself. She spoke with more confidence than a girl her age should have. Despite the excitement of her first trip, she came to grips with the harsh realities of life.

Bus Conductor:

The bus driver had a positive outlook on life. He was taken aback by Valli’s behaviour and her determination to ride the bus alone at the age of eight. He Was Someone Who Helped. He addressed Valli as “madam” because of her confidence. He was a kind-hearted, courteous conductor who was skilled at handling a variety of passengers.

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Valli Desires a Bus Ride

Eight-year-old Valli lived in a rural area without any playmates her own age. She used to observe the activities on the street from the doorway of her home. She observed the world beyond her home and had numerous interesting experiences.

The hour in the middle of the day when a bus used to run between her village and the closest town was her favourite time of the day. She would become interested by observing the passengers aboard the bus. After days of staring at the bus, she became desperate to board it.

Valli Collected Information about the Bus Journey

Valli made an effort to speak with her neighbours and other passengers who frequently used the bus in order to learn more about the bus trip. She questioned the passengers in numerous ways regarding bus riding. She got all the information required regarding the bus ride.

She discovered the distance between her village and the closest town, the one-way fare, and the fact that if she got the bus at one, she could be back by two forty-five the same day. She carefully considered the circumstances and devised a strategy for taking the bus.

Valli Ride the Bus

Valli snuck out of the house one lovely spring day during her mother’s midday nap. The bus driver offered her his hand to help her climb up the bus as she boarded it, but she declined. She boarded the bus after presenting him with the necessary cash. Her poised demeanour and confident actions amused the conductor. She was addressed as “madam” in jest. Being observed by every other passenger made Valli feel awkward. She moved to a seat that was open and sat down.

Valli’s Excitement in the Bus

The bus was brand-new and had stripes of green and white paint. Valli carefully observed everything inside the bus. She had chosen the window seat in order to get a better outside view, but the canvas window blind had blocked half of it. She got out of her seat to gaze out the upper portion of the window after that. Even though she was just eight years old, she disliked being addressed as a “child” or “madam.”

She made sure everyone on the bus, including the driver and conductor, understood it. Even though a guy encouraged her to sit because she would otherwise get wounded, Valli insisted on standing up on her seat to look outdoors.

Valli Views Outside the Bus

Valli was delighted to see the passing sights of trees and farms when she looked outside the bus. When she saw a cow racing in the middle of the road and in front of the bus with her tail in the air, she started laughing out loud. After the bus crossed the railroad and arrived at the town, Valli was pleased to see the “bright-looking shops” that were packed with goods.

Valli responded that she wanted to take the same bus back to her village when the bus conductor questioned her about why she wasn’t getting off the vehicle. As payment for her return fare, she pulled out another thirty rupees from her pocket.

The Dead Cow Depresses Valli

Valli was asked if her mother would be looking for her by the conductor. Valli, standing her ground, asserted that no one would be looking for her. Valli experienced the same level of excitement while taking in the same sights and views on her return trip as she did at its beginning. But when the bus arrived in the town.

She was horrified to see that the cow that had been running freely in the middle of the road in front of the bus was now lying dead by the side of the road. The scene made her depressed. She no longer desired to gaze out the window. After that, Valli stayed seated the entire trip till the bus arrived at the village.

Valli Returns Home

At 3:40, the bus arrived in Valli’s village. She assured the bus driver that she would ride the bus once more. Upon arriving at her house, Valli overheard her mother speaking to one of her aunts. The two women were conversing amicably about events in the outside world.

According to Valli’s mother, it is impossible for housewives to be aware of external affairs, and understanding external affairs is also difficult. Oh, yes, Valli said in response. Both Valli’s mother and aunt were taken aback by her response. Valli just smiled enigmatically when they questioned her about it.

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