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The Proposal Class 10 (Play)


The renowned Russian dramatist wrote the one-act play “The Proposal.” Mid-thirties-old Lomov, an unmarried man, intends to propose to Natalya, his next-door neighbor. Natalya is the wealthy landowner Chubukov’s twenty-five-year-old daughter. Lomov is unconvinced and dodges questions about the proposition. All three of them are still arguing after the suggestion is eventually made.

Characters Sketch

1. Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov

Chubukov was a ruthless landowner despite his prosperity. As soon as possible, he intended to marry off Natalya, his 25-year-old daughter, feeling that it was his duty to do so. Chubukov was an argumentative and deceitful individual. Chubukov feigned to be glad when his next-door neighbor Lomov arrived at his house, even though he was hostile toward Lomov. Chubukov was a hypocrite and an immature person who acted in an immature way.

2. Natalya Stepanovna

Natalya, Chubukov’s daughter, was 25 years old. She was a combative woman who wasn’t willing to give up her claim to the “oxen meadows,” a piece of land, whether it was legitimate or not. She was willing to marry Lomov because he was ill and adamant because she was desperate. However, she got into multiple arguments with Lomov about unimportant issues like her land and dogs and forgot that doing so would eliminate her chances of receiving Lomov’s proposal. She had a funny personality.

3. Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov

Lomov was a wealthy landowner, in her mid-thirties, and single. He had a number of illnesses. He frequently experienced palpitations and trembled when tense. His right eyebrow and lips used to twitch nervously. Lomov wanted to get married but had trouble finding the right woman. But given his advanced age and failing health, he made the decision to make a concession and pop the question to Natalya. He lacked self-assurance and dodged the proposal’s main points in favor of talking about unrelated topics. Over “oxen fields” and his dog, he started a battle with Natalya. His argumentative demeanor, immaturity, and stubbornness nearly defeated the aim of his proposition.

Glimpses of India Summaries

The Proposal Class 10 Summary 👇

○ Lomov Visits Chubukov’s House with a Proposal

In his mid-thirties, Lomov was an unmarried single man. Because he was unable to find the wife of his dreams and because of his advanced age and a number of health issues, he made the compromise of proposing to Natalya for marriage. Natalya was Lomov’s close neighbor and the daughter of Chubukov. The two families have never gotten along. Even after that, Lomov still believed Natalya was rather attractive, intelligent, and a terrific cleaner. In order to propose to marry Chubukov’s daughter, Lomov went to his house. Natalya, on the other hand, was eagerly anticipating the marriage proposal.

○ Chubukov’s Reacts to Lomov’s Proposal

The elderly man assumed that Lomov intended to borrow money from him when he went to Chubukov’s home. Therefore, he made the decision to forgo lending any money, but as soon as he learned that Lomov had come to ask his daughter Natalya to be his wife, he became incredibly excited. He desperately wanted his daughter to find a husband quickly. To arrange to meet Lomov, Chubukov called Natalya.

○ Natalya Meets Lomov

Natalya was shocked to find Lomov dressed in a formal outfit as she entered the drawing room to see him. She was unaware of the purpose of his visit. Following a brief exchange of pleasantries, a disagreement between the two over the parcel of land known as “Oxen Meadows” arose.

○ The Controversy of Oxen Meadows

At first, Lomov and Natalya both asserted politely that the “Oxen Meadows” belonged to them. However, the dispute quickly became heated and they began blaming one another. Natalya refuted Lomov’s claim by stating that her family’s land extended until Burnt Marsh, proving that “Oxen Meadows” was hers. Lomov claimed that they had the documentation to establish that “Oxen Meadows” was his. Chubukov joined the dispute as well, and the three of them began to fight over the land. Lomov left their home because he felt dizzy and his heart began to race.

○ Natalya Reacts to the Proposal

When Natalya learned that Lomov had come bearing a marriage proposal, she became anxious and begged her father to hurry up and bring him back. Both the father and the daughter accused the other of chasing Lomov away despite the fact that he had arrived with a marriage proposal. Chubukov pursued Lomov and returned him.

○ Natalya and Lomov Argue over Dogs

When Lomov returned a second time, Natalya treated him with kindness. But she was unsure of how to get Lomov to ask her out. Soon, just as Lomov was going to ask her out, another disagreement sprang up regarding their dogs. Natalya criticized Lomov’s dog “Guess” to the hilt, but Lomov thought “Guess” was far superior to Chubukov’s dog “Squeezer.” Once more getting heated, Chubukov joined the discussion. Lomov felt fatigued and subconsciously sank into the chair while the three of them yelled and accused one another. When Natalya believed Lomov was dead, she began to cry.

The Proposal Class 10 Notes PDF


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