Challenges To Democracy Class 10 Notes | Class 10 Civics Chapter 8 Notes

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Defne Challenge and its Types

Quick Review

What is a Challenge ?

⦿ A challenge is not any old issue. Typically, only substantial and surmountable challenges are referred to as challenges.
⦿ A challenge is a difficulty that presents a chance for advancement. We move up to a greater level thFoundational challenge :an before once we have overcome a problem.

Different nations experience various difficulties.

  • Foundational challenge : In order to do this, the current non-democratic system must be overthrown, the military must not have any influence over the government, and a sovereign, workable state must be established.
  • Challenge of expansion : This entails putting the fundamentals of democratic governance into practise across all regions, numerous socioeconomic groups, and institutions. This task includes giving local governments more authority, extending the federal principle to all of the federation’s units, including women and minority groups, etc.
  • Deepening of democracy : Every democracy deals with this in some shape or fashion. In broad terms, it typically refers to bolstering those institutions that support public engagement and autonomy.


Challenges To Democracy Class 10 Notes | Class 10 Civics Chapter 8 Notes
Challenges To Democracy Class 10 Notes | Class 10 Civics Chapter 8 Notes

Important Terms

  • Challenge : A challenge is a difficulty that presents a chance for advancement.
  • Deepening of Democracy : By increasing public engagement and control, democratic institutions and practises will be strengthened.
  • Sovereign : having the greatest authority or total independence.

TOPIC-2 ‘Reforms and Redefining Democracy

Quick Review

  • When formulating strategies for political reforms in India, it may be helpful to have the following broad principles in mind:
  • It is legal ways of reforming politics : The rule of law is crucial to political reform. Law amendments that are carefully crafted can serve to deter bad political behaviour and promote righteous behaviour. (However, legislative and constitutional changes by themselves are insufficient to address democracy’s problems. Political activists, parties, movements, and politically aware citizens are mostly responsible for enacting democratic reforms.)
  • Any legal change must be carefully considered in light of its potential impact on politics. Laws that provide political actors with incentives to act morally are more likely to succeed. The best laws are those that give citizens the ability to implement democratic reforms. (The Right to Information Act is an effective illustration of a law that gives citizens the ability to learn what is occurring in government and serve as watchdogs of democracy.)
  • The main method by which democratic reforms will be implemented is through political activity. Therefore, increasing and enhancing the quality of regular citizens’ political engagement should be the major goal of political reforms.
  • Any suggestion for political reforms should include who will implement it and how, in addition to what is a desirable option. The likelihood of success is higher for policies that rely on democratic movements, citizen organisations, and the media.

Reform proposals :

  • Every political party’s financial records should be made available to the public. Government auditors should review these accounts.
  • Elections ought to be funded by the state. The government should provide funds to parties to cover their election expenses.
  • More contributions from the public should be made to political parties and candidates. These donations need to be exempt from paying income tax.


Challenges To Democracy Class 10 Notes | Class 10 Civics Chapter 8 Notes

Important Terms of Challenges To Democracy Class 10

  • Democratic reforms : It alludes to institutional changes intended to strengthen the nation’s democracy and give the people more authority.
  • Incentives : a supplementary reward used to encourage a desired action or behaviour.
  • Government auditors : employed by federal, state, and municipal authorities, and are regarded as a subcategory of internal auditors.

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