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The Sermon at Benares Class 10


We learn about Siddhartha Gautama’s early life and how, after achieving enlightenment, he came to be known as “Gautama Buddha” in “The Sermon at Benares” Siddhartha leads a happy and opulent life as a prince, but after seeing the hardships of human life, he decides to give up all of his wealth. He preaches to Kisa Gotami that death is a fact of life after becoming a spiritual follower.

Characters Sketch

Gautama Buddha:

Siddhartha Gautama was born a prince in a Northern Indian Hindu royal dynasty. When he was twelve years old, he was sent away to school. When he came home four years later, he had married a princess, and the two of them had a son. Buddha made the decision to give up his opulent lifestyle when he witnessed the suffering, illness, old age, and death of people.

He walked aimlessly for seven long years until finding a peepal tree and sitting down. He became enlightened after seven days of meditation, being known as “Buddha!” With his profound spiritual understanding, Buddha managed Kisa Gotami’s uncontrolled sadness. She now understood that she would eventually die because to him.

Kisa Gotami:

A humble lady named Kisa Gotami had lost her only son to death. She was so distraught over losing her child that she sought out everyone she could to ask for a remedy to revive him. When no one offered to assist her, she went to Sakyamuni, the Buddha, and pleaded with him to revive his son.

She came to understand that death is unavoidable and shared by everybody thanks to Buddha. After finally comprehending the message of Buddha, Kisa Gotami made the selfless decision to give up her desire for her child’s life.

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The Sermon at Benares Summary👇

Buddha’s Early Life

Siddhartha Gautama was born a prince in a Northern Indian Hindu royal dynasty. When he was twelve years old, he was sent away to school. When he came home four years later, he married a princess, had a kid, and spent the next ten years living the luxurious life of a king.

Buddha Leaves His Possessions for Enlightenment

When I’m 25 years old, one day. Siddhartha Gautama was en route to a hunting area. He passed a monk who was ill, an elderly guy, a funeral procession, and a monk who was pleading for alms along the road. So, after seeing the misery of human life, he made the decision to give up his palace, family, and all of his possessions in order to travel in quest of enlightenment.

Buddha’s First Sermon at Benares

For seven years, Siddhartha journeyed in search of enlightenment. He eventually sat under a peepal tree one day and, after seven days of meditation, reached enlightenment. After then, people began to refer to that peepal tree as the “Bodhi Tree,” or “Tree of wisdom.” Gautama Buddha is the name given to Siddhartha when he attained enlightenment.

He began preaching and imparting spiritual knowledge to the populace. In the city of Benares, Jesus preached his first sermon to a woman by the name of Kisa Gotami. His sermon was a reflection of his knowledge of life and death.

Kisa Gotami’s Impasse

A destitute mother named Kisa Gotami lost her only kid. She was so distraught over losing his son that she frantically raced from house to house in search of medicine to save him. All of her neighbors were only able to offer her sympathy. A man told her to meet Sakyamuni, the Buddha, after observing her anguish and telling her that only he could aid Kisa. Kisa Goatami came up.

Buddha and shared with him the death of her son. Buddha instructed her to bring some mustard seeds from a home where no one close to her had ever passed away. Kisa frantically searched every home but was unable to locate one where no one had ever passed away. Kisa finally understood that there is nowhere on earth where no one has ever died.

She also understood that she was being ungrateful in honor of his deceased son. She realized that everyone would eventually die and that the only way to become eternal was to give up all of one’s selfishness.

Buddha’s Wisdom about Death

Buddha preached that everyone who is a mortal, whether intelligent or ignorant, young or old, will eventually die. Every living thing is inevitably doomed to death. Only by accepting the unfortunate reality and moving past the grief can one find peace and comfort.

Learnings After Reading The Sermon at Benares

  • Sufferings and difficulties abound in human life.
  • Everyone who is a mortal will eventually pass away.
  • After acknowledging the reality of life and letting go of all forms of selfishness, one can only find serenity and consolation.
  • Being in grief simply makes one ill and traumatized. A dead person cannot be brought back to life. The only way to find serenity is to keep oneself away from grief.

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